S. E. Squared, Inc.
Helping to keep our environment clean

S. E. Squared, Inc. is an authorized distributor of United Sorbents, the nation's leading innovator in the industrial and environmental spill control industry. Our unique product design and state-of-the-art manufacturing process result in — pound for pound — the most absorbent and consistent product in the market today. S. E. Squared, Inc. together with United Sorbents provides a wide variety of sorbent products for every possible application. From common leakages in industrial settings to large spills in open water, we've got you covered. No spill is too big or too small. So, let us join you in "helping to keep our environment clean."

The S.E. 2 difference...

Recycle 2
- Utilizing our new process US-RAP (United Sorbent products) gives you more surface area to increase absorption, speed, capacity, flexibility and strength. This allows less product being used without sacrificing quality.

Environment 2
-It is not just a commitment to our environment and the planet. It is our commitment to you. Our product line contains quality, durable, high-capacity recycled products to help you battle to keep our environment clean.

Savings 2
-Our top of the line quality products will save you money. Better absorption, durability, flexibility and strength at a great price will get the job done right.

Our Product Design and Manufacturing Process

Poly sorbents rely mainly on how much exposed surface area there is within the weave. The finer the melt-blown fibers, the greater the amount of exposed surface area for absorption. The United Sorbents manufacturing process produces the smallest fibers compared to those of other manufacturers. Even though this is a tougher process to maintain, it results in a smoother, tighter finish with typically greater tensile strength for increased toughness. The loft is adjusted to increase the air space within the woven fibers for more holding capacity, increased softness, and more cloth-like drape abilities.

Through innovation, stringent quality control, and advanced maintenance procedures to minimize process upsets and equipment breakdowns, we are able to provide the highest quality products while meeting the challenge of providing the most competitive prices to our dealers. The staff of professionals at United Sorbents are our greatest asset and ensure that we never ship anything but the best quality on a consistent basis.

*As we continue to grow our site, please note that we have hundreds of products which are currently not listed on our site as of yet.  For more information or to request a product catalog please contact Melissa at: 610-761-9364 or send an e-mail to melissa@se2inc.com.


Freight is not included in the pricing and may vary depending on quantity and distance of where the products must be shipped. When you are quoted a price the freight will be itemized for you.  

Please allow 3-5 days for the order to be processed and shipped.  We will send you a confirmation e-mail once the order has shipped.